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Wednesday’s Meritage – Photo Quiz Answer, What to Drink In Casual Restaurant, Cost of Everyday Wine, Restaurant Wine List 101

Meritage time!

Last Saturday, instead of a traditional wine quiz, we had rather a photo quiz – I came back from San Diego, and asked if you can figure out what was pictured here:

San Diego PictureOf course the question seems easy when you actually know what it is, but in reality – probably not so much. Two people came very very close to the right answer – mimi suggested that this is a picture of the ship, and vinoinlove offered a “San Diego Harbor” as his guess. What you see in this picture is a reflection of the boats in the San Diego harbor. The picture is “undoctored”, no photoshop or anything, it is just the reflection of the boats standing in the dock. Here is the picture where you will see both the boats and the reflection – it attracted my attention first, and then I realized that the reflection would make it into a perfect picture on its own:

Boats on the Marina, San Diego

Boats on the Marina, San Diego

As this was still a quiz, I would like to declare both mimi and vinoinlove as winners! Great job!

Here are few more pictures from the San Diego trip which I hope you will enjoy:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, to the interesting stuff around the vine and the web!

Let’s start with an interesting analysis of the wine selection at the casual restaurants. When you go to the places like Olive Garden, Ruby Tuesday or Red Lobster, wine is probably not on top of your mind. However, all of those restaurants offer the wine lists, and W. Blake Gray took upon himself to analyze them by using the information available on the restaurant web sites, to see what is good, what is bad, what makes sense and what doesn’t. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it is interesting to see that Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling is one of the best common white wines among 4 different wine lists analyzed. I think this is an interesting read, so for all the details I suggest that you will take a look at the post here.

If you remember, last week I brought to your attention an interesting analysis of the prices of the wine which people would consider to be acceptable for the everyday wines. The post had a survey in it, which by now concluded, and based on the results of that survey the most popular price range for the everyday wines is … $5 to $12! This is how I voted, and this is exactly what I expected – but for more details and the analysis of the voting results, please visit the original blog post here.

Last for today, continuing the subject of restaurant wine lists, here is an excellent in-depth discussion of the restaurant wine lists done by one of my all time most favorite wine writers, Matt Kramer. Matt provides rationale for the wine lists to be composed the way they are, and also makes a suggestion on how you can navigate any wine list to find what you want to drink at the price you will be willing to pay. Definitely worth your attention, if you ask me.

And we are done here. The glass is empty – but the refill is on its way! Cheers!

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