Wines of 50 United States

All 50 states in the US produce wines, and as of 2015, the vines were planted in 30 out of those 50:

The US is a very big country, with very complex and different laws in all states when it comes to any type of alcohol, wine included. Unless you will really make it a goal, it is almost impossible to try the wines made in all 50 states (yes, some of those will be undrinkable, but this is not the point here). While I wouldn’t say it is my goal to try the wines made in all 50 states and visit the wineries in all 50 states, I accept it as a fun personal challenge. Below is the table which tracks my progress to the date. You can download an empty version of the identical word document here. So, how do you compare?


Tasted Wine

Visited Winery Comment
Arizona Y
California Y Y
Colorado Y Y Wild Women Winery
Connecticut Y Y
Delaware Y Y Harvest Ridge Winery
Florida Y Y St. Augustine Winery
Georgia Y Château Élan
Hawaii Y Y Volcanic Winery
Indiana Y Oliver Winery Cherry Moscato
Maine Y Y
Massachusetts Y Y Truro Vineyards, Nashoba Winery
Michigan Y Bel Lago Cab Franc
Minnesota Y Parley Lake Winery Marquette
Missouri Y Stone Hill Winery Norton
Nevada Y Y Nevada Sunset Winery
New Hampshire Y Y Fulchino Vineyard
New Jersey Y Y Salem Oak Vineyards
New Mexico Y
New York Y Y Finger Lakes, LI, Hudson
North Carolina Y Y Chatham Hill Winery
North Dakota
Ohio Y
Oregon Y Y
Pennsylvania Y Y Chaddsford
Rhode Island Y Y
South Carolina
South Dakota
Texas Y  Y
Vermont Y
Virginia Y Y Chrysalis, Williamsburg Winery
Washington Y Y
West Virginia
Total 28 19


Black color – data entered before 2014

Blue color – data entered in 2014

Green color – data entered in 2015

Purple color – 2016

Orange color – 2017

Red Color – 2018

Light Blue color – 2019

Yellow Green color – 2021

Royal blue color – 2022

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