Most Expensive Wines

This page has one and only one purpose – to be a reference. I will be the first to say that price of the wine has nothing to do with its quality, and most importantly, the price of the wine is not a guarantee that you, personally, like this wine – for sure in a blind tasting, where you don’t need to pretend and can simply trust your palate.

Nevertheless, numbers are always fun. The price of the wine is just a number. Maybe a numeric rating of the popularity of the wine, but still, it is just a number. But – it is fun to see what people are willing (presumably) to pay for a bottle of the wine.

Building the lists of the most expensive wines which are constantly updated would be a mission impossible for someone without access to all of the wine sales data. Luckily, we have Wine-Searcher, which took upon the task of building the most expensive wine lists for different categories (Italian wines, Californian wines, Amarone, and so on), updated daily. Therefore, my task is very simple – just share the links. If Wine-Searcher will ever decides to stop providing this data, there will be nothing I can do. But for now – please enjoy it at your own peril (if these prices will make you feel upset or inferior, I can take no responsibility for this, I’m merely a messenger).

And if you think I should include any other categories here – that’s what the comments section is for.

Let’s go.

Most expensive Amarone

Most expensive Australian wines

Most expensive Bordeaux wines

Most expensive Barolo

Most Expensive Brunello

Most expensive Burgundy wines

Most expensive Cabernet Sauvignon

Most expensive Californian wines

Most expensive Grenache/Garnacha

Most expensive French wines

Most expensive Italian Wines

Most expensive Rioja

Most expensive Sauternes

Most expensive Shiraz

Most Expensive Spanish wines

Most expensive Syrah

Most expensive Zinfandel

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