Talk-a-Vino selections @Amazon

Here is a little Talk-a-Vino Amazon store for you  – books, decanters, wine fridges – lots of good things which Amazon has to offer. The wine books are definitely a personalized selection – I have most of those books in my home library. The cookbooks section contains the books which I own and some that I hope to own one day. And for the rest of it – I use numerous wine openers, wine fridges, chillers, decanters, and more – each one of them is useful in its own way so you will have to make your own decisions. However, note – I value function over fancy. Don’t expect to find the Rabbit Corkscrew among the recommended gadgets.

Here we go:

Wine Books


Wine Education and Games

Wine Racks and Storage

Wine Gadgets and Fun Gifts

Wine Glasses and Decanters

Please note that if you will chose to buy anything via the links shown on the included pages, I will be earning a commission via Amazon Associates program.

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