Wine Education and Games

When you read the description of the wine, either on a back label, in the wine magazine, at the store, or on the critic’s website, you always see all those “raspberries”, “cherries”, “leather”, and “sweet tobacco” used to describe how you might perceive a given wine. Would that be fun to be able to recognize all those aromas on your own? I actually can, it just requires a good amount of training. the sets I’m including below can all help you get better at identifying all those flavors:


Wine-Expert-in-a-Box Program: 24 Aromas, a coursebook, Jancis Robinson How to Taste Book, 2 Wine Wheels, Wine Texture/Taste Discs. A Complete Course on Wine Appreciation and The Service of Wine.

Master Wine Aroma Tasting Kit – 88 aromas (game board included)


Nez du Vin, The Masterkit 54 aromas, English

TASTERPLACE – Aroma Set Red Wine – English – for Sommeliers – for Wine Lovers – Tasting tool

Nez du Vin, Faults 12 aromas, English

Wine Games

Looking for a fun evening with wine-loving friends? Here are some games you can play to make it even more fun:

Wine IQ Party Game | Trivia Game for Wine Lovers

These Cards Will Get You Drunk


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