Top of the Tops

Ever wondered what wine everyone is looking for, or what the most expensive wine in the world might be? Turns out that Wine-Searcher, the site everyone is turning to for all things wine, has data – lots and lots of data – for all kinds of wine, and even beyond. Wine-Searcher is offering this information to everyone who is interested, so I decided to create a page where it will be easy to find all that data at once  – no need to create multiple bookmarks.

The title of this mage is literally self-explanatory – the links below will lead you to the information about the most searched, the most expensive, and the most trending wines, and not only wines. Hence the Top of the Tops name. Well, you can see it for yourself.

At the link below, you can find the list of the 100 most searched wines on the Wine-Searcher. These are the wines the people are most interested to find information about. The list is updated every month, so your data is always fresh:

Most Searched Wines

Now, here is the list of 50 most expensive wines in the world. I believe the list is dynamically updated, so you will be able to see the latest numbers every time you will open the page:

Most Expensive Wines in the World

Next on the menu is the list of the 25 most expensive Whiskeys. Access this page at your own risk – I’m not responsible for any shocks you will experience after looking there:

Most Expensive Whiskeys

Now, let’s not forget about the Bourbon – here are 25 of the most expensive Bourbons. I have to say that at the moment of this writing (December 2019), bourbon has long ways of catching up with the whiskey prices.

Most Expensive Bourbons

Just for fun, and because it is available, here is the list of wines and its vintages which received Rober Parker 100 point scores. This is a long list.

Robert Parker 100 Point Wines


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