Top Wine Ratings

Wine is art. Wine is an emotional connector. You might not see it like that, but that’s how things are in my world.

I drink wine almost every day of the year. While most of those wines deliver pleasure, they don’t become memories. And then there are some which are capable of creating the emotional connection – the wines so unique and different that they grab you forever.

Every year, I take a quiet exercise of reflection and sum up all of the experiences of the past year – the outcome of such an exercise is the Top Wine list of the year. These Top Wine lists are typically measured in dozens – for most of the years. Sometimes it is a dozen, sometimes two, and sometimes it is something in between.

You can see all the top wine lists sorted by year in the top menu of this blog. But as you stumble upon this page, or otherwise you would not be reading this, here is the collection of the same Top Wine lists, year by year.

Here we go:


Top 20 of 2020


Top Wines of 2019

Top Wines of 2019 – Second Dozen


Top Wines of 2018

Top Wines of 2018 – Second Dozen


Top Wines of 2017

Top Wines of 2017 – Second Dozen


Top Dozen Wines of 2016

Second Dozen Wines of 2016


2015 Top Dozen


Top Wines of 2014

Top Wines of 2014 – Second Dozen


Top Wines of 2013

Top Wines of 2013 – Second Dozen


Top Dozen Wines of 2012

Second Dozen Wines of 2012


Top Dozen Wines of 2011


Top Dozen wines of 2010


Top wines of the year are chosen based on the memories they create. I also rate wines I drink as a general practice, and I tried for some time to constantly share my wine ratings on this blog. This has proven to be a challenge, so I only collected some of the ratings on the regular basis. Nevertheless, for what it worth, below is the link for the page where you can find some of those ratings – just if you care to look:

Wine rating archive

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