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Before The Time Runs Out – To Replace The Google Reader, It Is. Or – How Do You Follow?

June 2, 2013 14 comments

Path to followIf there ever be a contest for the longest blog post title, I would have a good shot at winning, don’t you think? It also shows that I can’t make decisions – as to what title is better, as the least. But then I know from the business world that huge number (majority?) of e-mails are not read past the first line, so one really needs to put out all at once…

Anyway, let’s move closer to the subject. As you probably know, Google announced the End of Life for their Reader as of July 1st – and I don’t know about you, but Google Reader was one of my tools of choice to follow the blogs en masse. With Google reader, it was easy to see what is new with the blogs I follow, and easy to focus on reading posts from one blog at a time. Yes, you can subscribe to follow most of the blogs via e-mail – possible, but considering how we all are inundated with the e-mails, it is easy to expect that many posts will just slip through the cracks – lots of e-mails will accumulate for “I will read it later” section, until one gets overwhelmed with amount of unread e-mails and then hits “delete all” button.

Just to give you an idea of how my Google Reader screen looked like, here is a snapshot:

My Google reader Screen - see how everything is grouped by the blogs?

My Google reader Screen – see how everything is grouped by the blogs?

So I started to ask around. I heard from my friend Patty of P’s 2013 Photo Project that she started to use Feedly, but has limited success. Then I asked my friend Kfir, who is The Guru of Social Media, and his advice was – well yes, try Feedly. So at last, I also decided to consult another friend who is close with billions of people (yep, Google search engine), and I found a web site called Replace Reader. This is what I saw there:

Replace Reader screen

Replace Reader screen

As you can see, Feedly has #1 spot. But before going to Feedly (I have to make my own mistakes, part of my DNA, I guess), I decided to try Bloglovin – easy installation, quick sync with Google Reader, and voila. But I didn’t like what I saw too much:

Bloglovin reader screen

Bloglovin reader screen

The reason I was not too happy with it? It resembles WordPress Reader, which only presents all the blog posts sequentially, sorted by day and time, and if you didn’t read the blogs for a few days (I know, you don’t believe this can happen to anyone – not to read blogs for a few days – OMG, the world is ending…) – but if you actually didn’t read blogs for a few days, good luck following up on what you read and what you didn’t read… This is my WordPress Reader screen, just to give you an idea:

wordpress reader

So it seemed that trying the Feedly is inevitable. Download, install (it actually installs a browser plug-in, so you have to restart the browser). Sync up with Google Reader. The first view is a mess – it is called “Title only view”, and it is just a collection of blog posts sorted by date – nowhere near to blog-sorted Google Reader:

Feedly Title Only View

Feedly Title Only View


But – Feedly actually offers a number of different views – Magazine view is better, as it allows me to see the blogs I follow in more structured way:

feedly magazine view

feedly magazine view

See that list of the blogs on the top right side? Now I can see with single glance what do I have to read where. But the best view in my opinion is the one which is provided as “Index”

feedly index view

feedly index view

So I think Feedly with the Index view is what I’m looking for – hopefully it will help me to stay on top of my “follow” game.

Now, the big question is – how do you follow? I’m really curious to know what do you do to follow the blogs you want to read?

Also hope you had a good glass of wine before the new week starts. Cheers!




Preserve Internet Freedom: #StopCISPA

April 22, 2013 Leave a comment

wine predator.............. gwendolyn alley

CISPAcatAs much as I’d like to do some wine blogging for you (starting with reporting on all the malbec madness last Weds!), I’m joining the internet boycott tomorrow, April 22, 2013.

And I hope you will too.

With all your free time, please call your elected representatives, too.

It’s that important.

Here’s a video about why.

Here’s a letter from Anonymous who is organizing the boycott.

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And Then There Was Snow [Storm Nemo]

February 10, 2013 14 comments

Why all of a sudden they started naming all those snow storms? Those weather channel folks clearly think that we don’t have enough drama in our lives, and decided to add a little more.

Yes, there was a lot of snow, and there was wind. I believe Central Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island got the worst of it – I never heard of 3 feet of snow before in those areas. For us here in Stamford on the coast – it was a lot of snow – about 20 inches  (a bit more than half a meter), but it was no unique. Just to give an idea – here are few pictures – whatever I could snap yesterday morning before taking shovel in my hands.


I think that seat is occupied?



does it look like a cupcake, or is it only me?

does it look like a cupcake, or is it only me?


I think this picture gives the best idea about amount of snow – look at the bench in the corner


Aren’t they look cool?


Pine trees and snow – does anything spells “winter” in more classical way?

That’s all I have for you. Stay warm, and have a glass of whatever your heart desires (will be coffee for me right now). Cheers!


Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2012 7 comments

While we don’t celebrate Christmas, we love the mood, the spirit, decorations, lights… Merry Christmas, people!




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National Blogging Day of Remembrance

December 17, 2012 2 comments
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Thanks, Giving, and Connection

November 15, 2012 2 comments

As we set the plans to celebrate Thanksgiving next week, I want to share with you this post by SAHMmelier – we can all do something to share the holiday with those who needs it, even if it is a little bit…


At this time of year, many of us are rushing around, trying to decide on the perfect appetizer,on table settings and decor, and pairing wines that will fit the budget but still impress our guests. And some are trying to figure out where they will get their next meal. Or how to pay the electric bill. Or wishing they had an electric bill to pay. Between the destruction in the wake of the hurricane and the current unemployment across the country, the needs we see around us can be overwhelming. How can we help? How can we possibly make a difference when the need is everywhere and so much bigger than us?

Fourteen years ago, there was one man, in a dark place, with no home and very little in his pocket. He saw a family and recognized a need. A need he deemed greater than his, and he chose…

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Looking Back … And Looking Forward

November 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Last Thursday, November 20th, was exactly 4 month as I started writing this blog. Four month sounds round enough to take a look back – of course, of course, this is too short of time to make any conclusions, however, when in the journey, knowing where you are can help you understand where are you going and how can you get there. Let’s talk some numbers first – and not because they mean something, but because they are simply available, and we, humans, like to play with them.

So the blog stats for 4 month include 52 posts, 1975 views, 98 comments and 15 e-mail subscribers. Is that good? I don’t know. Is that bad? I don’t know either. These are just numbers as they are. Well, I think I like 52 posts – it translates into 13 per month, which then translates into about 3 per week. There are also some other numbers which I want to mention – the “treble journey“. In my quest to try wines made out of 300 different grapes (this is where “treble” is coming from), I was at 240 four month ago, and now I’m at 277 – 37 grapes were added. Considering the challenges of finding wines made out of obscure grapes, I think this is very decent performance. I also will add 15 more in the near future, which will put 300 within practical reach – yes, it will be all covered in this blog.

During this 4 month, I learned a lot. I learned how to find new subjects, how to use keywords. I didn’t learn how to use categories – I hope this will come one day. I found some themes which will definitely continue here, like Experiences and Expectations. I think I had some good posts, and some which are just okay. Did I have any bad ones? Quite possible, but I will let you, my readers, to be the judge.

What I definitely want to have more of is interaction. I want my posts to be a catalyst for the conversation. I would love for this blog to be the place to exchange experiences – and I will get there, sooner or later.

What is ahead? I didn’t know I’m asking myself a difficult question. I don’t want to convert this post into a to do list. Therefore – I can only say that I will continue to look for my true style, and you should expect more posts about wine, food and life.

American Wine Consumer Coalition

October 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Whether you are a wine lover or not, if you use any of the social media tools (I’m assuming you are if you are reading this text), such as Facebook or Twitter, I’m sure that you came across the picture below, at least once:


Exactly as the name says, this is an undertaking by Tom Wark (here is the link to Tom’s blog, Fermentation), who is putting a lot of efforts in defending the rights of all the wine drinkers in United States.

Believe it or not, but despite tremendous increase in popularity of wine in United States, all the wine consumers still have to deal with the laws stemming from the Prohibition era when it comes to access to one of the most noble and oldest (after the water) beverages on Earth. A few years back, many states started to change their laws in favor of the consumers, allowing interstate wine shipments (in other words, allowing consumers to pay less and get the wine the want). As of recent, HR 5034 was introduced in Congress, greatly threatening to again limit consumer’s access to wine to protect big businesses with big pockets. Tom Wark put a lot of efforts to defeat HR 5034, and he created American Wine Consumer Coalition to help all the wine lovers to protect their rights to get the wine they want at the prices which make sense.

If you like wine – protect your rights, join the AWCC and make your voice heard!

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