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And Then There Was Snow [Storm Nemo]

February 10, 2013 14 comments

Why all of a sudden they started naming all those snow storms? Those weather channel folks clearly think that we don’t have enough drama in our lives, and decided to add a little more.

Yes, there was a lot of snow, and there was wind. I believe Central Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island got the worst of it – I never heard of 3 feet of snow before in those areas. For us here in Stamford on the coast – it was a lot of snow – about 20 inches  (a bit more than half a meter), but it was no unique. Just to give an idea – here are few pictures – whatever I could snap yesterday morning before taking shovel in my hands.


I think that seat is occupied?



does it look like a cupcake, or is it only me?

does it look like a cupcake, or is it only me?


I think this picture gives the best idea about amount of snow – look at the bench in the corner


Aren’t they look cool?


Pine trees and snow – does anything spells “winter” in more classical way?

That’s all I have for you. Stay warm, and have a glass of whatever your heart desires (will be coffee for me right now). Cheers!


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