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Beautiful Snow and Beautiful Wine

February 9, 2014 21 comments

There was a lot of snow here in CT over the last week. Most of the snow is still here, and considering the forecast, will be lingering around for a while. Yes, the snow is nuisance and inconvenience, it is tough to shovel, and a lot of it became ice at this point. But when sun comes out, it really becomes a thing of beauty. This snow had also a very interesting characteristic – well, may be it is me who didn’t see it before, but this snow is really glowing blue, especially as you dig in and look at it. So for what it worth, here are some pictures, snapped literally just around the house. Plus, I also included a few pictures which my daughter made with her iPhone – it is pretty amazing what that little device can do. And if you will scroll all the way down, I will also talk a bit about the wine. Here we go:








This is one of my favorites

This is one of my favorites



That snow and that sky…

DSC_0704What makes snow so beautiful?

Image2iPhone picture by Rina – the leaf

image3The same, only black and white

And a bit of perspective

And a bit of perspective

More perspective

More perspective




A frozen beauty

Yes, the snow was beautiful, but it got in the way. The snow on Wednesday was bad enough to affect the trains, so I had to miss the Basilicata winemakers dinner in the city, which I was really looking for. So I decided to compensate for that by opening the bottle of new vintage of one of my favorite wines – Fiction by Field Recordings. I’m sure some of you know at this point that I’m very particular to the Field Recordings wines in general, but Fiction is so unique, it is one of my all times most memorable wines ( and it was my Wine of the Year in 2011) – here is the blog post about my first experience with 2010 Fiction.

The 2012 Fiction by Field Recordings Red Wine Paso Robles (14.9% ABV, 40% Zinfandel, 13% Tempranillo, 12% Petite Sirah, 11% Touriga Nacional, 10% Mourvedre, 8% Grenache, 6% Cinsault) didn’t disappoint. The spectacular nose of fresh meadows – this is the wine which you can’t put down – one smell requires another, and another, and another. The aromatics of this wine absolutely spectacular – I don’t know how that works, but I can’t put the glass down. The palate is very playful, with lots of fresh fruit, raspberries, blueberries, cherries – everything is in one beautiful medley, supported by clean acidity and perfectly balanced. The 14.9% ABV are absolutely unnoticeable – this is the wine of the pure harmony. Drinkability: 8+

That is all I have for you for my report on snow and the wine. Stay warm and drink good wine. Cheers!

Too Early! Snow in New England

November 10, 2012 6 comments

I can’t believe that only a few weeks ago I was sharing with you sunshine and beauty of New England in the fall. Since then we had Sandy paying us a visit, and lost power, destroyed homes and closed gas stations really got in the way of tens of million of people.

Then few days ago we had…snow. Yes, it is only beginning of November, but Nor’Easter (some genius named it Athena, which is a Greek name of goddess of wisdom – where is the wisdom in the November snow storm?), not just snow, but the full snow storm, blanketed New England with the snow. We got our 5 inches, but – the “strong wind” part of forecast didn’t materialize, at least in Stamford, so we avoided new destruction. And it actually was beautiful, during and after, so I’m (again) sharing some pictures with you.

This one was taken during the snow storm:

And the rest of the pictures were taken on the next day, after the snow stopped coming down:

Isn’t he the cutest? You might remember him from before:

And here is the full team:

Here are some of the beautiful trees:

Just look at the colors:

Somehow, I love this picture:

And here is an object of our fear – what will happen with those wires if there is a strong wind…:

That’s all for now, folks. Nothing about the wine in this post, so the next one will fix this issue. Hope you still have [had] something good in your glass. Cheers!

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