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Let’s Talk About Breakfast Again

November 3, 2010 1 comment

As you probably expect from the title of this post, it is not going to be about wine (don’t know about you, but at 7:30 in the morning I need coffee…). So this is somewhat of a sequel post to the one about our experience at Hotel Fauchere in Milford.

From time to time, my travel takes me to San Ramon in California. In general, California is a right place for food. But then we all have our special places, where we want to return. Katy’s Korner is my special place for breakfast, something to look forward to. Why? Great food, great service and simply the fun place to be at. It has all the great traits of American Diner, the place to come to with the family and feel like home.

My staple on the menu is Eggs Benedict. There are at least 10 versions of Eggs Benedict on the menu, so you always have options. My choice during the last visit was Sonora Eggs Benedict, which includes guacamole and Canadian bacon.


And then the next part of the experience is… fun! It is a great fun to be in a classic American Diner, and look around at the walls (promise to self – carry good camera around, all the time…). These are some of the things which you will see:

and this:

and this:

then this:

and this:

and my favorite:


All in all, if your travel will take you anywhere close to San Ramon – find this place, and – enjoy your breakfast!

Katy’s Korner
2550 San Ramon Valley Blvd # L
San Ramon, CA 94583
(925) 831-2145

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Experiences: Hotel Fauchere, Milford, PA

October 19, 2010 9 comments

This will be the first post in this blog (if I remember correctly, of course), where wine, or alcohol of any kind will not be discussed. Total surprise, right? This is talk a Vino blog after all?

Well, this post definitely will be about life and experiences. This past weekend, we went with the group of friends to the small town called Milford in Pennsylvania. The goal was to stay in the nice Hotel Fauchere, experience the special chef tasting dinner at The Delmonico Room, and to do sightseeing and enjoy beautiful fall colors of East Coast. We definitely got a complete range of experiences – enough for few blog posts, as if I will try to cram it all into one, I will lose my readers.

Let’s talk about those experiences, one by one. Hotel Fauchere is a beautiful boutique hotel, belonging to Relais & Châteaux group of luxury hotels. The interior is nice, at the same time, the rooms don’t stand out (for the same price, you can find amazing accommodations at many Bed and Breakfast). So where is the “experience” part you ask? It’s in the service. I’m traveling quite a bit, and yet I had not being at the place with so many genuinely smiling faces. The key words are “Genuine” and “Smiling” – it really puts the whole stay in the perspective. Service at Hotel Fauchere is definitely something to experience – attentive, accommodating, focused on YOUR needs.

What else is there to experience? Well, one is the Bar Louis, which we will talk about in a separate post, and another one is a continental breakfast.

Yes, you are not mistaken – continental breakfast. If you got a picture of corn flakes pack and tiny milk box, try to scare that thought away. We are talking about continental breakfast as Experience.

You start with the french press coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice at a beautifully appointed table.

Next element of experience – home made vanilla yogurt and granola. It’s too bad that picture doesn’t convey the taste – and if you like the picture, you have to trust me that the taste is few levels above:

Then comes a choice of raisin scone or lemon muffin, and it makes me a lazy photographer, but that picture I missed. And to finish, here comes a grapefruit with caramelized top:

Delicious! And if you in a mood for something different than continental breakfast, you can get a traditional omelet which comes with thick sliced country style bacon (amazing, by the way)

Or a french toast:

All in all, Hotel Fauchere is something to experience – and while I will continue to report with the next post, nothing will replace the real thing. Reach out for that GPS already…

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