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Weekly Wine Quiz #48: Let’s Get A Little Technical

March 2, 2013 6 comments

wine quiz pictureThe Wine Quizzes are back at Talk-a-Vino! Be honest – I know you missed them, right? Okay, never mind. But – let’s proceed, shall we?

For today’s quiz I decided to play a game of pairing of the wine terms with the wines. What you will find below is the list of the wines (very random), and the list of wine terms associated with production of the wines. You will need to match the terms with the wines, considering typical and generic use (note the bold font here – it is an important disclaimer) – there are always exceptions to the rules. Note that one and the same term can be associated with different wines, and it is possible that few terms can be associated with one wine. As the bonus question, briefly explain what the term mean and how it relates to the wine. Note – you might encounter some strange surprises along the way.


A. Cabernet Sauvignon

B. Champagne

C. Chardonnay

D. Jerez

E. Madeira

F. Port

G. Riesling

H. Valtellina Sfursat

I. Vin Jaune

Wine Terms:

1. Appassimento

2. Estufagem

3. Flor

4. Malolactic fermentation

5. Noble Rot

6. Solera

7. Vintage

As a side note, a lot of these wine terms had being discussed in this very blog.

Have fun and good luck! The answers are coming on Wednesday.

Have a great weekend and open something good tonight! Cheers!

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