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Serene Beauty of Cape Cod

September 18, 2020 6 comments

The Cape Cod always was one of my favorite places to visit – I make no secret out of it. This year, it became literally the only place for us to visit to escape the maniacal joy of virtual confinement – and I have no complaints about it.

Mere three and a half hours ride and you are in the world which offers a chance to relax, unwind, and clear up your mind. Clearing up of the mind requires one to disconnect from the moment, to forget that reality exists. I can only envy people who can do this through meditation – I had a friend who would not even hear the doorbell ring once he was in his deep meditation. This is not me, unfortunately – I tried many times, but never was really able to disconnect from all the daily chatter. Thus I need the help of Mother Nature when looking for tranquility.

The three options which would work for me in that quest for tranquility would be the trees, the mountains, or the ocean.

Talking about the trees, I need a clean and open forest, full of 150 feet Eastern white pine trees – beautiful Redwoods would do the trick either. Have you had the pleasure of laying down on the thick layers of long pine needles, looking at the tall, impeccably vertical arrows touching the clouds far, far away? That is the feeling I’m talking about, but there is no place to experience it where I live.

Have you ever experienced the deafening quietness of the mountains? When the time stops, leaving you one on one with the universe, offering you an opportunity to get lost in your dearest thoughts and dreams? I have, on Mount Evans in Colorado – but this is 2,000 miles away.

That leaves us with the ocean. The closest beach is only 7 miles away from where we live, but to call that setting tranquil in any shape and form would be a huge exaggeration. The Cape, especially in the off-season, is offering unlimited amounts of tranquil bliss – just come and get it.

The Cape Cod is a narrow swath of land, extended into the Atlantic ocean – in no time you can move from one side of The Cape to another one, as the distance between the “coasts” ranges between 1 and 20 miles. We have family living in the town of Dennis, so this is where we stayed, the same as in the previous trips this year. In 3 days, we visited 5 or 6 different beaches – it appears that the town of Dennis (population under 14,000) offers a total of 20 (!) beaches on both sides of the Cape. While the beach is the beach at the end of the day, they all still have different charm – and some would even allow you to bring your car directly on the beach.

Combination of off-season (tourists are practically gone after the Labor Day weekend), warm weather, and low tide allowed us to enjoy hourlong walks with only sand and water in sight. A perfect place and time for self-reflection and pondering at life.

The only way I can share this experience with you is through the pictures, so here you have it, my friends.

A little flower intermezzo:

More of the water and sand:

This is not the beach, obviously, but beautiful morning on the backyard:

And a few words about wines, as the wine was an unquestionable part of the daily routine. The 2014 Turley White Coat was an absolute delight, offering Chardonnesque complexity and layers of acidity and fresh fruit. 2010 Diadema Rosso Toscana, a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah, was offering a lot more than just a pretty bottle – plums, cherries, tobacco, mouthwatering acidity – delicious, nicely mature Italian wine treat. We also enjoyed the line of Terra Noble delicious renditions of Chilean Carmenere, which I just tasted before leaving for the Cape Cod over the virtual tasting (this will be a subject of the separate post).

And here is more of the Cape Cod beauty for you:

Cape Cod – Ocean, Sunsets and Flowers

August 7, 2020 7 comments

Oh, for the love of travel… What would you give for an opportunity to get on the plane, worry-free, and fly somewhere for a week, or even for a few days? I’m sure if this is a real question, many of you would answer “anything”. For all of us feeling travel-deprived, even the thought of a trip anywhere further than our own backyard is extremely comforting. Never mind an actual opportunity to go anywhere.

One of my favorite sayings in life is “count your blessings”. And for that, I can tell you that we are very lucky. We live in close proximity to Cape Cod, which is one of my most favorite places not only in the USA but also in the world. On a normal day, it is only a 4 hours drive to most any place on The Cape as it is lovingly referred to by many New Englanders. In addition to the reasonable driving distance, we also have family living on the Cape, which greatly simplifies the logistics of such a trip. So yes, I’m acutely aware of all the blessings.

Last weekend we visited The Cape and spent 3 days walking around the beaches and neighborhoods, admiring beautiful flowers which can be considered an essential lifestyle element of the Cape living. We also caught a magnificent sunset – 10 minutes of pure bliss, an incredible spectacle of the sun setting down into the ocean, with all the unimaginable color combinations no camera can ever capture properly.

In the times when we have to travel vicariously, here is my trip report – of course, in pictures. As this is the wine blog, I have to mention the sacred subject – there was plenty of wine consumed, with some bottles being nothing short of magnificent – but this deserves a separate post.

Get ready to be inundated.

Let’s start with the ocean:

Now, flowers:

And the sunset:

Hope you enjoyed it!


Leaving Cape Cod

July 15, 2013 12 comments

All the good things come to an end. So was our stay on Cape Cod. I don’t know exactly what makes me feel differently when I’m visiting Cape Cod. I love vacations (who doesn’t!), but I typically want to avoid going to the same places over and over again. However, not when it comes to Cape Cod.

There is a genuine tranquility in that Cape Cod lifestyle. Little shops which are made out of the old houses. Little bakeries, which make cookies to die for. Little motels and inns, none of them more then two stories high. Lighthouses and water towers being the tallest structures around. The low tide on the beach, which allows you to walk and walk for hours. The beach which is never crowded. The waves in the sand which water leaves behind when it descends. The abundant flowers and greens of all kind. The special smell which is constantly in the air. There is something magical in the Cape Cod air, which lures you back…

We are back home now, so here are a few (okay, a lot) of the pictures I want to share with you. There will be more posts coming – we visited local Cape Cod winery, called Truro Vineyards, so I will talk about this experience, but for now, I just want to leave you with these little impressions of Cape Cod. Enjoy and cheers!

Quintessential Cape Cod

Quintessential Cape Cod

Dream on...

Dream on…

Cape Cod freedom

Cape Cod freedom

imagine the air...

imagine the air…

busy bee

busy bee

more flowers

more flowers



Alpaca from Marta's Vineyard

Alpaca from Marta’s Vineyard

Curious Alpaca

Curious Alpaca

Baby Alpaca

Baby Alpaca

JT's - Excellent seafood in Brewster, right across from our resort

JT’s – Excellent seafood in Brewster, right across from our resort

JT's entrance

JT’s entrance

Warm lobster roll at JT's

Warm lobster roll at JT’s

And Lobster Roll zoom in

And Lobster Roll zoom in

Whole fried clams at JT's - Yum!

Whole fried clams at JT’s – Yum!

Fish and chips at JT's - delicious!

Fish and chips at JT’s – delicious!


Lucky Hank's in Edgartown. Don't know about Hank, but we enjoyed the food

Lucky Hank’s in Edgartown. Don’t know about Hank, but we enjoyed the food

Local Marta's Vineyards beer excellent amber, light, touch bitter and sweet, very refreshing

Local Marta’s Vineyards beer – excellent amber ale, light, touch bitter and sweet, very refreshing

Black Dog Tavern in Vineyard Heaven. Unfortunately, only fish and chips were tasty...

Black Dog Tavern in Vineyard Heaven. Unfortunately, only fish and chips were tasty…

Butterfly on the sand...

Butterfly on the sand…

One of the few operational Lighthouses on Cape Cod. This one is located in Chatham

One of the few operational Lighthouses on Cape Cod. This one is located in Chatham

lighthouse - picture perfect

lighthouse in Edgartown – picture perfect

I just can't get enough of this lighthouse...

I just can’t get enough of this lighthouse…

Roses zoom in

Roses zoom in

and more zoom in

and more zoom in

Yes again picture perfect lighthouse on Marta's Vineyard

Yes again picture perfect lighthouse on Marta’s Vineyard

I always wanted to take picture of these waves in the sand...

I always wanted to take picture of these waves in the sand…

and again quintessential Cape Cod (for me, at least)

and again quintessential Cape Cod (for me, at least)

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?



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