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Last Bottle Wines Earthquake Marathon Madness – Tomorrow Starting at Noon Eastern

Apologies for the second post in a day, but I just got the e-mail and I have to share it with you. Only today I told you about the WTSO marathon event coming in September, and in about 20 minutes after I pressed the “publish” button, the e-mail announcement came in from the Last Bottle Wines, another purveyor of the fine wines at the value prices.

But before I will tell you about the marathon, I want to mention the important initiative by the Last Bottle Wines. As you know, few days ago Napa Valley was affected by the earthquake. Thousands of people were affected, and as it often happens, those in need are affected the most. Last Bottle Wines donated $5,000 to the Napa Valley Food Bank, and if you want to help, you can donate as well by CLICKING HERE.

Now, starting tomorrow at Noon Eastern/ 9 am Pacific, Last Bottle Wines will run their marathon sale event called Earthquake Marathon Madness.

Last Bottle Wines MarathonThe wines will be offered at a neck-breaking speed – no notifications of any sort – you just have to click “refresh” in your browser. No minimum purchase, and all wines will ship for free (within 48 states) in a few weeks. Of course you need to have an account with Last Bottle Wines, and I suggest you will be logged in with your credit card information set, if you want to catch any of the wines which will be sold. In case you don’t have an account, I will be glad to be your “reference” – you can use this link to sign up, and if you will, you will get $5 credit – yes, I will get $20 credit as well – but next time it will be you, when you will sign up your friends…

Happy Wine Wednesday, Happy Hunting and Cheers!

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