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Canada Food and Wine Experiences, In Pictures

It appears to be very difficult to write blog posts while on the family vacation, despite all the desire to do so. Therefore, here is a quick report from Canada – all in pictures. I can tell you that so far I had being very happy with food, including restaurants in Niagara Falls (which was not expected considering that this is very popular tourist destination). I was also blown away by the quality of Canadian wine. Before the trip, I honestly thought that outside of the Icewine, Canadian wine would be on the level of Finger Lakes wines in NY, where whites can be drinkable, but reds are simply mediocre. Boy, was I wrong! We visited three wineries, and didn’t have a single bad wine! Well, this will be a subject of a separate blog post, so for now, here is quick report in pictures (warning – don’t look while hungry).

Nachos at Spicy Olive restaurant, Niagara Falls:

Beef Baron restaurant, Niagara Falls:

French Onion Soup:


Spare Ribs:

Wineries experience:

Inniskillin (from whites to reds to Icewines – outstanding, will discuss later):

Inniskillin Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah and Cabernet Franc – WOW:

Inniskillin for those  who can’t even drink wine:

Cattail Creek Winery, very interesting whites and reds:

Catastrophe series (note that labels depict real cats):

Chateau des Charmes – you should see that building:

Back to the restaurants:

Cora’s (Niagara Falls) – Breakfast done right!

Breakfast cocktail:

Crepes Egg and Cheese Panini:

Crepe with Raspberries and cream cheese:

Blueberry Pancakes:

Will definitely talk more about wines in the future posts. If you are interested in reading more about restaurants, you can take a look at my page on Yelp (click here). Until the next time – cheers!

7555 Montrose Road
Niagara Falls, ON L2H3A4
(905) 358-1555

Cora Breakfast and Lunch on Urbanspoon

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