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100, Reflections and Updates

Anyone wants to guess what 100 means? There was a Russian anecdote with two popular characters, who happened to drive an airplane without knowing anything about flying, so one of them asks another very assertively: “Instruments?”. “Seventeen”, comes a reply. “What seventeen?” asks the first. “But what instruments”?

Don’t know if that was funny, but I will tell you about 100 – a bit later. Let me start from the reflections part. Technically, I was ready to start this blog about three years ago. This is when I got the domain name and created talkavino blog on WordPress. I guess I was mentally not ready, as it took me about two years to create the first post, at the end of March of 2010. I was not fully ready even then, as this blog really started at the end of July of last year. I think I learned a lot during 8 month the blog is actually active. Did I develop my own style? I hope yes, but I can’t tell. I like some posts more that the others, but through all of them I was simply trying to be myself and write as I want to.

Why is all this self-analysis border line digging? Very simple. 100 is the number of posts in the blog – actually, the post you are reading is hundred and first. And as we touched on the numbers, let me give some more useless statistics. Why useless? Because there is not that much to deduce from those numbers. Why do this then? Because, I guess, playing with numbers makes you feel good. So starting from beginning, in 8 month this blog is actively running, it contains 100 posts, which in turn contain 311 pictures. The blog received about 4800 views, has 16 subscribers over e-mail and WordPress (this doesn’t count people who read it through Facebook), has 26 categories and about 400 tags. There were more than 140 wines covered in this blog, and 72 new grapes were added to the grape quest.

Enough with statistics. Again, I’m not trying to extract any deep meaning here – these are just the numbers. As for the updates – I’m starting to contribute to Art Of Life Magazine, writing weekly blog posts on various wine-related subjects. I will, of course, let you know when the new posts are available.

That’s all, folks – I gave you numbers, reflections and updates. I’m quite happy with the way this blog is shaping up, except one thing – I want your feedback and I want dialog. Please…

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