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The Beginning…

So finally this blog begins… After being contemplated for almost a couple of years (with no good reason for the delay), it is a first post. It is almost mid-night here ( is there a rule that all the blogs are written around mid-night?), but final resolve is in, so no matter what, up to the risk of being pointless, it should go out tonight, and it will.

Many times I had a thought – what is so special about wine? Does it worth the time, and effort, and moreover, the expense associated with it? To me, one of the great things about wine is a mystery. Considering the same vintage and the same bottling, no two bottles of wine will taste the same. When you open a bottle, you really don’t know what to expect – outside of a possibility of the wine being spoiled, as wine is living thing even after it goes into the bottle, there is always a room for a surprise. And the same familiar producer might have a good year, and might have a bad year, so if you loved 2005, you can’t blindly assume that 2006 will be equally great. Taste of wine also will depend on your mood, on time of day, on the food you had before or with the wine, the friends you sharing it with and many other factors. That is why I see a mystery in every bottle – and this gives us an ability to enjoy solving the mystery in a simple way, every day when we want to.

Well, to the mystery in our lives – and a pleasure of solving it!

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