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Le Champa Del Mar – Keep the Cava Coming

Let me start from a thought, which is not original at all – it is great to have friends (huh, wow, who would’ve even thought, right? :)). My dear friend Kfir, was taking an amazing care of me in Israel, ensuring the culinary experiences. After the great time at Norma Jean, he brought me into another one of his favorite places – Le Champa Del Mar, cava bar.


The place is more or a less a hole in a wall – you have to know where you are going in order to get there. Once inside, you will find a bar and a few tables – and lots of delicious foods in the perfect bar format – tapas. In the best traditions of the Spanish cuisine, there are lots of great choices, all in the tapas, or “small snacks” format – cheese and olives, octopus, chorizo, Serrano ham and so on and so on, all watered down with variety of Cava – a sparkling wine from Spain.  LeChampaDelMar_cavavallformosa

 Cava is the only wine served at Le Champa Del Mar, hence the name “Cava Bar”. There is about a dozen of varieties, starting from simple Brut and going into Reserve Cavas. The great thing about Cava in general is that while the bubbles a slightly bigger than in the classic champagnes, it typically has more life in the glass compare to the equal level of champagnes ( and a lot cheaper!). We had a Brut Nature Classic and Brut Rose Classic, coming from Vallformosa winery in Spain. While Brut Rose tasted somewhat flat, Brut Nature had a great balance of acidity and yeasty fresh bread flavours, perfectly complementing “full-bodied” tapas (in case anyone is interested in my rating, I would put Drinkability at 7). I guess the only issue was the fact that all those Cavas where way easy to drink, and therefore disappearing very quickly… But we managed to overcome this challenge quite successfully.

  And to give you better idea about Le Champa Del Mar, here are few more pictures:


Tapas Selection at Le Champa Del Mar


LeChampaDelMar_cavabottles Cava is popular at Le Champa Del mar


LeChampaDelMar_smokedduckbreast Smoked duck breast – very delicious!


Just to conclude – another great place for food and drink – find it and enjoy!

  1. August 5, 2010 at 12:31 am

    It’s almost painful how much I want to be at Cava Bar with you and Kfir. An international journey simply must be in the cards!!!!

    • talkavino
      August 5, 2010 at 1:04 pm

      I’m sure there will be time… Considering it is 2 versus one, may be we will see him in the states sooner 🙂

  2. August 5, 2010 at 12:34 am

    That was definitely a night to remember… Love some of their dishes. You should come back soon – a lot of great places to see….

    • talkavino
      August 5, 2010 at 1:05 pm

      Absolutely! I have a lot of fond memories and always ready to come back!

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