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Weekly Wine Quiz #41: Which One Doesn’t Belong?

December 16, 2012 8 comments

As life happens, I had no chance to post the traditional Saturday quiz. But – at least it is still a weekend.

I’m going somewhat back to the basics of the wine world with this quiz, and I will probably stay with this basic theme for a while. The idea is simple – I will present you with the list of objects, which can be grapes, wines, appellations, etc. – you will need to figure out what the list is all about and then find an incongruity, an object which should not be  on that list. Here we go.

Which one doesn’t belong and why?

A. Chambertin

B. Corton

C. La Grande Rue

D. Musigny

E. Ruchottes-Chambertin

If you can solve it without Google, you can double your unlimited bragging rights which come here as a prize.

Have fun and good luck. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and cheers!

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