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Weekly Wine Quiz #34: Hello, My Name Is…

October 27, 2012 21 comments

It is Saturday, and therefore, it is time for your Saturday wine entertainment (no, you don’t get to drink wine yet – first, you have to solve a puzzle, and if you don’t – no wine for you! Okay, I’m only kidding…)

Last wine quiz #33 caused some controversy – but you know what – this one might do the same. Or not.

Anyway, I have to thank Vino in Love for the idea for this wine quiz. In his last wine quiz, he used a made up name for the grape. Below you see a list of names of the wines – except one of them was made up by me. Do you know which name is a made up name?

A. If you see Kay

B. No girls

C. Frequency

D. Predicament

E. To the rescue

Give it a try! You don’t have much to win (outside of pride), but you have even less to lose.

Please provide your answer in the comments section. Have fun and good luck! Cheers!

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