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Weekly Wine Quiz #37 – About History of Wines and Holidays

November 17, 2012 9 comments

Is it seriously Saturday again? Where did the whole week go? Okay, yes, Happy Saturday, folks – and it is time for the new quiz.

I was back and forth on the theme for this quiz. It is last Saturday before Thanksgiving, big holiday in US, and I really wanted to connect together the subject of Thanksgiving and wines in some meaningful way. It seems that everybody everywhere are talking about Thanksgiving wines, but none of that stuff is quiz-worthy.

Therefore, you will be faced with two completely unrelated questions, with one small exception – both relate to US history.

Let’s start with Thanksgiving question, which will be our Question 1. As you probably know (even if you don’t live in US), Thanksgiving is the holiday where we give thanks to our country and life in general with the abundance of food, wine, and families getting together. Traditions of celebrating Thanksgiving in US go all the way back to the first pilgrims, and based on the historical records, it was usually celebrated between September and November. For the long time, each US president would declare the date for Thanksgiving holiday for each year – until Thanksgiving holiday became fixed to the fourth Thursday in November. Do you know which president signed that bill into law?

A. Abraham Lincoln

B. Woodrow Wilson

C. Franklin D. Roosevelt

D. John F. Kennedy

And now, let’s switch to the Question 2, which will be again about people, but this time it will relate to the history of California wine. There were many people who greatly contributed into making California wine industry what it is today. Below is the list of people, all pioneers of California wine industry  – and this list has specific logic behind it – with one name missing. Who do you think is missing in that list?

André Tchelistcheff

Harold Olmo

Gustave Niebaum

Charles Krug


Robert Mondavi

Maynard Amerine

Brother Timothy

Georges de Latour

Please provide your answers in the comments section.

Have fun and good luck! Have a great weekend! Cheers!


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