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Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2013 12 comments

Happy 4th to all! Enjoy the great American BBQ day and raise a glass of Madeira for our Founding Fathers and your friends and families, of course. And if you don’t have Madeira handy, any beer and wine will work perfectly well too. Here are few pictures from Cape Cod, just for your viewing pleasure. Cheers!

cape cod july 4th DSC_0001

Happy 4th!

cape cod art DSC_0004

Very appropriate painting on display in art gallery in Chatham

cape cod welcome DSC_0909

Cape Cod welcome!

cape code butterfly DSC_0103

Butterfly on the beach…

cape code spices DSC_0034

Whoop Ass as a flavor of United States – nice!

cape cod impudent oyster DSC_0037Had to look up “impudent” on internet… Appears to be highly ranked search word on Google

cape cod DSC_0987

Beauty on the beach

cape cod DSC_0986

Feel it…


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