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Instead of a Wine Quiz Today…

December 15, 2013 12 comments

Yes, I had a full intention of publishing the next wine quiz. But I stumbled. The quiz was supposed to be about Dolcetto, and I really couldn’t figure out my approach to the questions, hence… no quiz.

But you know that nasty feeling, when you created a program, a plan, a schedule, if you will  – which you now can’t fulfill? Yeah, not pleasant. So, as I usually do in the difficult blogging moments, I bring the videos to the rescue.

Below are some of my most favorite food videos – I’m even surprised that I didn’t share them before. Two of them are the commercials of the Lurpak butter. No, they are not new, but to tell you the truth, they represent food porn in such a pure form, that I keep coming back to them just for a quick minute of pleasure.

I also recommend watching these videos in the full screen mode – for the maximum effect.

The first one was called Kitchen Odyssey:

The next one, is a whole group of Lurpak commercials:

The last one is not for the faint at heart – if you are on a diet, or simply despise heavy foods, skip it. For the rest of you – this is a hard core food. This video comes from the Epic Meal Time, which has a whole series dedicated to fun and radical cooking. Disclaimer – no, I don’t eat like that, but find watching this video very enjoyable.

That’s all I have for you for today. Off to work on my Beef Bourguignon recipe – will be shared soon. Cheers!

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