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Weekly Wine Quiz #25 – Extreme Wines

Most of my wine quizzes come about somewhat easy – “ahh, yes, that would make it a nice quiz” kind of revelation. Today, I was struggling. Must be the weather (or some other obnoxious, but definitely external factor). Anyway, I think this will be a pretty easy quiz for you – but it is better to stay with weekly routine than to look for excuses.

What is “extreme wines” you wonder? There is a number of “elements” which are considered extreme enemies of wines – heat, oxygen, extreme humidity or dryness, vibration and more. Out of many elements, heat and oxygen are probably competing for the crown of “Nemesis #1”, both rendering wine pretty much undrinkable.

Talking about heat specifically, when applied to the wine for some period of time, it makes the wine to taste “cooked”, removing any notion of fruit, acidity and balance from the wine. But – there are no rules without exception, right? There is one type of wine which is purposefully heated up in the process of winemaking, and heat doesn’t destroy that wine at all.

Do you know what wine is it?

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

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