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Traif! Small Place, Big Experience

Do you ever wonder how could we live without modern technology? For instance, how did we go about finding the good places to eat? Looking in Zagat? Calling a friend? Reaping and storing newspaper reviews and pages from the magazines, only to be never be able to recall where did we put them and what was the name of the restaurant? Despite being a techie, I can’t stop being amazed at what you can do today with such a “simple” tool as Google.

Couple of weeks back, we planned a weekend with friends in Brooklyn. Of course visiting the restaurant is a great form of entertainment, and as we do it pretty rarely with my wife, I really want to make sure that every visit would be a great experience. How can I do that? Two words: Google and Bloggers. You can use Google to get piles of relevant information.  And then you can use Bloggers’ “labor of love”, their posts, in order to extract jewels from those piles.

Let’s go back to my restaurant search. Google faithfully produced a whole bunch of references when asked for the Brooklyn restaurant recommendations. One of the references attracted my attention – it was for the blog called Becoming Brooklyn, where I found the post with 5 recommended restaurants. Quick scroll through the relevant links and the decision was made – we are going to try the restaurant called Traif. Why? First, the menu looked interesting, and prices appeared to be reasonable. And the second reason? The restaurant offered chef’s tasting menu, priced extremely reasonably at $40 per person.

I love chef’s tasting menus. It gives you an experience instead of just a meal – and this is something which I would definitely prefer at any time. And so when we visited Traif this past weekend, chef’s tasting menu was our choice. To give you an idea of how was it, I need only one word – WOW! Taste, texture, presentation – everything was perfect. There was not a single dish we didn’t like. Every little morsel was absolutely delicious – this was really an Experience.  The only way I can share it with you is through the pictures – I think they came out reasonably okay (just so you know, I’m rarely satisfied with the quality of my pictures) and you will get a feel for that experience. Of course the best thing you can do is to go and experience it for yourself, but meanwhile – here are the pictures.

Not shown – Gazpacho (sorry, I was slow at the beginning)

Butterfish Carpaccio with peach slices:

Not shown – blistered shishito peppers, canteloup, marconas, feta, mint, orange (sorry, people were too hungry! And I was slow again…)

dayboat scallops, creamy corn

spicy, bigeye tuna, tempura japanese eggplant, kecap manis:

crispy soft shell crabs, crushed avocado, pineapple sambal, red papaya:

seared foie, fingerlings, ham chips, sunny egg, maple, hot sauce:

sautéed veal sweetbreads, asparagus, bacon, snap peas, shiitakes:

strawberry-cinnamon glazed baby back pork ribs:

bbq, braised short rib sliders, sweet potato fries, smoked paprika aioli:

And for the dessert:

momʼs key lime pie, graham crust, pineapple:

bacon doughnuts, dulche de leche , coffee ice cream:

not shown – watermelon squares with molasses

I hope you liked my photo report, and I hope you are convinced that you need to experience Traif for yourself – believe me, you will not regret!

In case you wonder where is my favorite subject, wine, in this story – everybody were in the mood for cocktail or a beer, so I just had a glass of red Portuguese wine which was simple enough to not interfere with most of the dishes. But I have to note that wine list looked pretty good, diverse and reasonably priced.

Adding to the words of Iron Chef judges: Thank you Traif for the wonderful meal experience! Cheers!

229 S 4th St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(347) 844-9578

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  1. August 2, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    So glad you liked Traif, and so glad I could influence your decision. Let me know next time you’re in BK. always happy to talk food!

    • talkavino
      August 3, 2012 at 12:10 am

      Thanks for the comment! Will do!

  2. August 3, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    Food porn! Looks like a great evening, but you hang out with people who drink BEER?!? Might have to re-evaluate following your blog. 😉

  3. talkavino
    August 3, 2012 at 5:58 pm

    I have to share a dark secret – I drink beer from time to time – and often I even like it! 🙂

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