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Counting Grapes – Bulgaria and Turkey

Few new grapes to report over the last couple of weeks. This time they come from Bulgaria and Turkey.

I tried couple of wines from Turkey last year, and was not very impressed. This time I had two wines from producer called Kavaklidere, and they both were quite good.

Here is information on grapes and wines:

Emir – 2010 Kavaklidere Cankaya Emir de Nevsehir. Very nice white wine, light, crispy, refreshing, good balance of fruit and acidity.

Öküzgözü, Boğazkere – 2010 Kavaklidere Yakut Okuzgozu d’Elazig. Red wine on a lighter side, somewhat reminiscent of good Beaujolais – good acidity, very light tannins, earthiness, very fresh and easy to drink.

Last time I had Bulgarian wines was more than 20 years ago, and it generates no memories of any kind. Now I tried four different wines from producer called Tcherga:

Each wine is a blend of a well known grape, such as Chardonnay, and one of the indigenous grapes. Here is the list of  the grapes and wines with short descriptions:

Misket: 2007 Tcherga Sauvignon Blanc & Misket. Muted fruit, limited acidity – drinkable, but not necessarily enjoyable.
Rubin – 2006 Tcherga Merlot & Rubin. This was an okay wine, somewhat limited acidity, good fruit, but overall not very memorable.
Dimyat – 2007 Tcherga Chardonnay & Dimyat. There are two distinct choices – either the wine was oxidized, or it was special style. Either way it was not very enjoyable.
Mavrud – 2006 Tcherga Cabernet Sauvignon & Mavrud. Good fruit on the nose and on the palate, hint of sweetness. This can pass as daily table wine, but not necessarily would be my choice.

All together these are 7 new grapes which bring grand total to the 340. I think this is good progress, and I’m happy with the new discoveries. Until the next time (and I have a couple of really long overdue posts) -cheers!

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