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Daily Glass: Martinet Menut

Looking for the bottle to open (this is not ready, not tonight, don’t feel like it,…) I stumbled upon a bottle with the bird picture on the label. Okay, I have no idea how this might taste, never tried that before, don’t know what grape(s) it is made out of – yes, that looks like the right bottle to open.

Cork popped out, and the wine goes in the glass. Energetic swirl (exactly as taught by Kevin Zraly, without covering glass with the hand), sniff and… I couldn’t extort anything beyond sacramental “WOW”… It was a true sensory sensation – the wine had perfect vinous nose, with absolutely everything you want to find in glass of red wine – the fruit, the vineyard, spices, earth, terroir, mystery…

On the palate, it had lots of dark red fruit – plums and cherries, all coupled with good acidity and tannins. Of course, after being blown away so much, I had to check what is it I am actually drinking. This 2007 Martinet Menut is a red wine blend from Priorat region in Spain. I have to tell you  – even today, in the age of Internet, there are still plenty of things which are difficult to find. Finding information about this Martinet Menut wine, as well as producer ( supposedly, Clos Martinet, one of the “cult” Priorat wineries) was very challenging. The wine apparently is Grenache-based blend, but this is about all information I’m sure at, so let’s leave it like this. This 2007 Martinet Menut can actually be compared with Clos Mogador I tasted at the Spanish Wine Festival (you can find post here) – definitely in the amount of pleasure one can get from a glass of wine. Drinkability: 8.

You think I got too excited? Always possible, so you’ll be the judge. Get the bottle, and lets compare the notes. Cheers!

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