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St. Patrick’s Day – What Is In Your Glass?

This coming Thursday, March 17th is St. Pastrick’s Day, which is probably the main celebration of Irish heritage. Leaving aside Leprechauns and cabbage, let’s talk about traditional Irish drinks.

I think Guinness is far more traditional Irish drink than anything else, but this is just an opinion ( note: I have no relationship to Irish heritage whatsoever, so may be I don’t know what I’m talking about). And the next thing which comes to mind – no, not wine – Irish Whiskey.

When it comes to Irish whiskey, there are few of the mainstream brands, Jameson and Bushmills being most well known. Few days ago I happened to come across an Irish Whiskey tasting at Cost Less Wines and Liquors, where full line-up of Jameson was represented (almost full  – basic Jameson was not there), so I had an opportunity to try all of them. To tell you the truth, I didn’t care for Jameson 12 and Jameson Gold – both were not very impressive. Jameson Vintage felt over-engineered, with mostly oily flavors on the palate, and none of the fruit or acidity or any other components being noticeable. Jameson 18 had an elegance of a mature whiskey (have to stop myself all the time from calling it Scotch),  good balance  and good flavor profile. In any case, it was an interesting experience and I’m grateful for it.

And then there was Connemara, a single malt peated Irish Whiskey, which completely stood out. Very nice balance, may be a touch more sweetness than I would care for – but it doesn’t get very noticeable. What was working well is a very nice smokiness – for the Scotch drinkers out there, I will put it between Highland Park (which has a hint of smokiness), and Lagavulin, which is a hallmark of peated Scotch. All in all, very round and balanced, and easy to drink.If you get a chance, find a bottle and enjoy (in case you need a reference, I found mine at Super Wine Warehouse in New Jersey).

So, what will be in your glass this St. Patrick’s Day? It really doesn’t have to be green – but it’s better be enjoyable…

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